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The Uncommon Houseflies: Bio

The Uncommon Houseflies began somewhat by accident when Louisville, Ky., writer (LEO, Louisville Music News) and Brain Farts blogger Kevin Gibson realized his obsession with the Ramones had to be dealt with. And not by sniffing glue.

This obsession grew into a band that plays accessible power-pop -- featuring some punk, power-pop, alt-country, indie rock and even rap/funk (!) influences -- with quirky, sometimes humorous, lyrics. From the dark comedy "Disgruntled Shooter (In the Nursing Home)" to the social commentary of "Wretched Radio" and the heavy-yet-tongue-in-cheek rock of "Space Monkey," the Houseflies are never short on interesting characters and stories.

The band's 2010 release, Excrement Weather, produced classics such as "Beating Up Hippies" (which is actually about bullies and their hidden reasons for violent behavior), "Na Na (Where's the Spatula?)" (an ode to not quite fitting in), "Supermarket Sushi" (about a haunted grocery store) and "Cotton Candy in the Rain" (an ironic anti-love song).

Guitarist Butch Bays came on board in early 2011, and an EP titled Wretched Radio, featuring "Space Monkey" and "Commando For Jesus," was released in early 2012. A holiday EP titled A Very Houseflies Christmas (featuring a murder ballad re-imagining of the classic "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer") followed in December 2012.

The band branched out performance-wise in 2012 as well, playing in Chicago as part of International Pop Overthrow, and in Boston as part of a tribute to Charlie Chesterman, one of Gibson's songwriting heroes. Fall 2012 saw them perform a tribute to Spinal Tap, complete with wigs, costumes and a mini Stonehenge.

Along with drummer John Hayes and rhythm guitarist Nick Peay, the band is now working on finishing up an EP for spring 2013 that will be titled Hipster Apocalypse. They're also honing their mad zombie-killing skills. Truth.

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