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The Uncommon Houseflies: Home



Check out our new live album!

Welcome to the Uncommon Houseflies' website. We're a Louisville, Ky.-based indie-pop/indie-rock band that your mother probably would not approve of. Some people say we sound like the Ramones beating up a clown, while others say we could be the bastard child of Tenacious D and Fountains of Wayne. Actually, we think we sound like the Young Fresh Fellows after a twelve-pack and a bag of burritos. Whatever, it's just marketing. But right now we're playing out as often as we can while also working on a new album, due in May 2016. Also, when we're not busy playing music as the Uncommon Houseflies, we're busy hosting a radio show called "Flies on the Wall" on

Our music is available at Better Days Records in the Highlands, Louisville, Ky.; at all Uncommon Houseflies shows, as well as at iTunes, Amazon and! Or, if you want to order a CD directly from us, e-mail us and we'll tell you how!

Check out our tune on the compilation CD Chorus vs. Solos: A Tribute to Charlie Chesterman!