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The Uncommon Houseflies: Home


Check out our new live album!

Uncommon Houseflies live album cover art

Welcome to the Uncommon Houseflies' website. We're a Louisville, Ky.-based indie-pop/indie-rock band that your mother probably would not approve of. Some people say we sound like the Ramones beating up a clown, while others say we could be the bastard child of Tenacious D and Fountains of Wayne. Actually, we think we sound like the Young Fresh Fellows after a twelve-pack and a bag of burritos. Whatever, it's just marketing. But right now we're playing out as often as we can while also working on a new album, due in early 2016.

Also, when we're not busy playing music as the Uncommon Houseflies, we're busy hosting a radio show called "Flies on the Wall" on And sometimes we're even busy acting as the backup band for Nick Peay, whose music you should also check out.

Our music is available at Better Days Records in the Highlands, Louisville, Ky.; at all Uncommon Houseflies shows, as well as at iTunes, Amazon and! Or, if you want to order a CD directly from us, e-mail us and we'll tell you how!

Check out our tune on the compilation CD Chorus vs. Solos: A Tribute to Charlie Chesterman!