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The Uncommon Houseflies: Links

Houseflies Links

Our Facebook Page

Don't be a douchebag -- become a fan today.

Houseflies Blog

All the latest from the boys themselves.

'Flies on the Wall radio show

Coming to you live via, every Wednesday night at 8:30!


Check out our profile and hear our music on! It's free!

Brain Farts: Our bass player's blog

Free humor and sarcasm, no waiting.

We Call This Music Fab

Beatles-inspired music. The Houseflies have been featured on this site!

Mad Music Archive

The Houseflies are indeed posted on this comprehensive site about comedy music.

Our MySpace Page

We don't update this much, but we're guessing with a new album we may need to revisit. Check out the photos archive, if nothing else, and hear some live tracks and some tunes from our first album.

Backseat Sandbar

Backseat Sandbar acknowledged our existence!


Well, YEAH, we're on!


We are also on Check it out.

Bands That Don't Suck

Nick Peay

Not just a talented Louisville, Ky., singer and songwriter, he's also very nice to his mother.

Charlie Chesterman
The Rumors
The Viaducts

They're like the Houseflies of the north, but with more Jimmy Rane.

Fountains of Wayne
Tenacious D
Nerf Herder
Young Fresh Fellows
Hoodoo Gurus

Other Stuff

Crescent Hill Radio

Louisville's home for local and regional music, 24 hours a day!

International Pop Overthrow

All power-pop, all the time. Kudos to David Bash for this wonderful event series.

Record Play CD Duplication

Endorsed by the Uncommon Houseflies!

iFunny Radio

Comedy music all the time ...