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The Uncommon Houseflies: Photos

BaconFest 2011 - The Rud

Kevin G. almost looks not fat in this pic. (Cynthia Mayes photo.)
Butch still rocks. (Rick Evans photo.)
Go, Houseflies, go!
Mmm, BaconFest. (Rick Evans photo.)
Kevin G. close-up. (Rick Evans photo.)
Houseflies rock! (Rick Evans photo.)
A special moment with Kevin H. (Rick Evans photo.)
Butch rocks. (Rick Evans photo.)

Bearno's - Spring 2011

Look at us. Just look at us! It's no wonder we have so many groupies.
Butch and Kevin have a contest to see who can sing the longest with their eyes closed.
He looks so all alone up there.

BaconFest 2010 - The Rud

Rudyard Kipling, January 2010 - the Great Bacon Giveaway (Monica Smith photo)
Three Houseflies at the Rudyard Kipling, January 2010. (Shannon Hankins photo.)

Slugger Field - June 2010

Houseflies at Slugger Field, July 2010. (Chris Scott photo)

Jeffersonville RiverStage 2009

Mark Brabandt, RiverStage 2009 (Fred Minnick photo)
Scott Gibson, RiverStage 2009 (Fred Minnick photo)
Kevin G. and Scott G., Riverstage 2009 (Fred Minnick photo)
Kevin Hays, RiverStage 2009 (Fred Minnick photo)
Jeffersonville RiverStage, 2009 (Fred Minnick photo)

Ye Olde Band Photos of Yesteryear

Cheesy band photo, December 2009 (Fred Minnick photo)
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