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The Uncommon Houseflies: Photos

Marksnub (Fred Minnick photo)
Requisite "sitting on a wall with the guy who has the longest hair being in the middle" pose, May 2009. (Andrea Broecker photo)
Dizzy Houseflies, May 2009. (Andrea Broecker photo)
Requisite "standing in front of a wall" shot, May 2009. (Andrea Broecker photo)
Houseflies on a playground, May 2009. (Andrea Broecker photo)
Requisite Houseflies jumping-off-a-wall photo, circa 2007. (Andrea Broecker photo)


Houseflies between songs at Studio's in New Albany, March 2010. (Sara Havens photo)
Kevin H. in the studio, 2010. See the broken down scooter at right? It runs on water. (Kevin G. photo.)
Scott in the studio, spring 2010. (Kevin G. photo.)
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