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Uncommon Houseflies t-shirt - S-M-L-XL

They're here: Official Uncommon Houseflies t-shirts! Boy howdy, they're cool! And you can get yours by clicking the Buy Now button below and paying through PayPal or with a credit card via your PayPal account. Please remember to let us know what size you want as well as your shipping address in the comment box provided when you check out! (Fly-guy sold separately.)

$6.99 + $3.00 shipping = $9.99


Music - CDs


That's right, it's our fifth release, Hipster Apocalypse. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll be slack-jawed in bemusement. Join us as the hipsters take over the world and we explore the ins and outs of bad coffee and public displays of affection!






For Christmas 2012, we decided to record three new tunes, including our own reimagining of the holiday classic "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer." Must hear to appreciate. Oh, and the other tracks are pretty darn fun too!




The 2012 EP, Wretched Radio. Our true labor of love, and an CD (or download) everyone should own. It starts with a lovely jingle, then winds its way through Canada, into outer space, through Jam Band country and finally a bowling alley. Buy it at any Houseflies show, or at:





"A New Lease on Life, Parts I & II"
Charlie Chesterman has been a musical influence for years, so we jumped at the chance to get involved in this project. This song in particular is one that has stood out in Charlie's catalog -- even though it is one of the more obscure songs, it remains to us one of his most compelling and emotionally honest.

Download it On Bandcamp


An enduring Houseflies' classic, "The F*ck You Song" was never on an album -- it exists only as a live MP3 single and in the minds of those who have attended a Houseflies live show and danced like drunken idiots to the pure joy and silliness the song exudes. Intrigued? You can buy it:







The Uncommon Houseflies' second album. A classic of its day for the 12 or so people who actually bought one, this 11-song CD includes songs about topics ranging from the dangers of eating raw fish procured in a supermarket to the scarred psyches of high school bullies to flesh-eating ponies. You can buy it at shows or online at: